This afternoon I’m munching on a double chocolate chip cookie (I think I put a little too much butter in them; they’ve got a shortbread-y short of texture. Not that I’m complaining and anyway, this is irrelevant) and killing time before I have to go in to work. I’ve noticed that there are several sketches on my hard drive that I’m not likely to do anything with, so it’s time for them to move to a new home.

The Abbess of Horrors

Abbess of Horrors  One night I had a dream. This was part of it.

Cheshire Cats  I was never a huge fan of Alice in Wonderland. We had an illustrated copy of the book from when my mother was a little girl, and I’ve seen movie adaptations (not the Tim Burton one, surprisingly). Mostly, I was in it for the cat.

The Devil  The Devil turns up in my dreams pretty frequently (I’m liek, sew goff), so it was only a matter of time before he became a character in one of my WIPs. This was the first concept sketch I did for him, during a slow afternoon in class in 2009.

Teacup monster   One of the first major projects at the TAFE college I went to was to design a logo, letterheads, business cards and other stationary for an imaginary business. This is not that logo. It is a redesign, because the original bothered me (At least I passed the assignment). So in this little throwaway sketch I cute-i-fied it.

Nude I don’t know, I just felt like drawing a naked fat lady. I’m not happy with her pose (looks unnatural), but otherwise I think she came out alright. Will redo before painting properly.

Mechanical Bird   Self-explanatory.

Mermaids   My friend, Meeg (that’s her deviant art gallery linked up there, hintity hint), asked me to draw her some mermaid concepts back in June, and, because I’m a terrible friend, I never got around to posting them for her to see. I’d had grand plans of painting them up all shiny. But then, like always, I got distracted (by something shiny, funnily enough).

Monster’s Teacup   Once upon a time, I had such plans for this site.

That bicky looks furry.

Pokemon gone wrong   Late night doodle. I still don’t know what she is, but she’s grown on me.

“Riii”   Another random monster doodle. His name is Quintin.