Monster’s Teaparty is an online scrapbook. Hopefully one of those pretty scrapbooks that crafty types make with the expensive papers and brads and such. But less chintzy.

But not too much less. I enjoy chintz.

The story behind the name is anyone’s guess. I like to think I had some kind of cool idea to go with it.

What I want for this blog:

  • somewhere to post finished work
  • somewhere to post briefs, scribbles and working process type bits and pieces, if only to get them off my hard drive and hopefully out of my head.
  • inspiration pictures, links and articles
  • anything else that takes my fancy. I reserve the right to be capricious.

What I don’t want for this blog:

  • too much personal stuff. I have Views, but am not particularly interested in sharing them. Showing off my working process is already giving slightly more access to my head than I’m entirely comfortable with.
  • critiques on anything. Coming from me, I mean. I’m not here to judge and unless I love something, really hate something, or have been asked for a critique, I probably won’t give an opinion either way. Critiques aimed at me are a different story. Frankly it makes me look better if I keep things democratic.

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